Weren't trying, weren't preventing.

I stopped my birth control on purpose, and I was tracking my cycle, so I knew when the chances were good, but we did not try to hit my ovulation days.

I suppose there's too much intent to make my pregancy accidental, but it didn't feel planned, either. So if there's a middle ground, that's us.

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    8Theresa Gould
    When we got pregnant with our first it was on purpose as we were doing nothing to prevent it at that point in time.
      Same!! We calked it "pulling the goalie" and let it just happen... Or not .. And it happened both times quickly.

      I think that our bodies relaxing a bit takes stress out. Even stress we aren't aware is there. U know like " thinking about NOT thinking about it"..

      I feel lucky it was that way. My heart breaks for the women that want it SO badly but aren't pregnant yet.
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