Going crazy..

I'd really love to go into labor already, geeze.

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    I walk a lot , no one to have sex with! Lol Just ate some spicy food, not going to try castor oil heard it gives you horrible diarrhea.
      I read that eating dates might help, also sex and walking, but none of that worked for me I was 10 days past due date before I had my girl.
        8Theresa Gould
        I remember feeling like that too. Hang in there baby will come when he or she is ready.
          Lol!! I remember that feeling so well!!! And yes sex was supposed to help but at that point the thought of it made me irritated. Lol.

          I drank cayenne pepper in water and did squats. My sister drank castor oil and had baby next day but she was a week Late so who knows if it works!!

          Hang tight. It will happen and probably when u least expect it.

          Plan a small trip or plan something that you really want to do and chances are... Baby will "ruin" plans. ;)
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