Tried and true cold remedy... For adults!!

So this isn't homeopathic by any means but it works.
You have a cold; take massive emergency c powder. A lot. B vitamins and chicken soup and then... A stiff hot toddy (or 2 or 3)... Bourbon (so co), hot water, lemon and honey, fresh garlic and cayenne pepper. Drink until u feel sleepy (and a little more happy) and then sleep. You can enjoy the first one in a hot Epsom salt bath to draw out bad stuff.
I swear by it. Yesterday I felt it coming on.. Did the above and slept like a baby and feel great today. I swear the alcohol kills bad bacteria.

Anyone else with the tried and true??

    I too swear by the alcohol. I think back to the days pre major anti bioetics and pharmaceutical companies and drugs and think of the remedies they would give and it was very high in moonshine I believe. Lol

    NyQuil and all that stuff makes me feel sooooo much worse. Even if it knocks me out, I feel terrible the next day and it seems to keep me foggy and that drugged feeling with cotton mouth.

    Try it!! It's better and I'm willing to bet safer than anything you can find at the pharmacy. ;)
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