Did u ever get hit on while obviously pregnant!!?

I did when I was pregnant w my son. A few times and I was like, dude. Clearly I'm not available and eewww.

I read somewhere that men naturally and instinctively find pregnant women attractive because it shows they're breeders and its all cave man stuff.

I also never felt better about myself and my life when pregnant with my son. I was so fat and hungry and excited and happy and I was tan cause it was summer and I must have had a glow or something.

Goes to show u that people in general I think are attracted to happy people.

Plus I didn't give a poop about what people thought.

Wish I had that glow now!!! :)

    Eeew??!! There's pregnant porn??
    Lol. Yuck. Well whatever floats their boat. Everyone's got their fetishes I guess but yes that's creepy.

    So I'm not talking wanting to necessarily DO the pregnant woman lol but I think that pregnant women DO have a healthy glow and confidence that is appealing.

    Or maybe it was my boobs. Cause those babies had a mind if their own. :)
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