Visiting the grandparents

My sweet 8 month old (today actually) beebee boy and I live alone and spend a lot of time together. We have a great routine and it works great for us.

When we go to my Dad's to spend the day/night he does NOT nap well. It's loud there and there's always a lot going on. That's more than likely the reason. Does anyone know what I could do to help him nap better while there? I already put him in the back room with a fan on for noise (we do that at home because Mommy is addicted to fan noise when she sleeps) but he just won't nap longer than 20-30 minutes there. The result of that is a very fussy baby and none of us like that.


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      I used the fan!! And still do.. But also had music playing. Baby Einstein classical music and that helped.

      I found that my babies never slept well in other places. Especially naps. But I would imagine if its a consistent nap every week that they fall into the pattern and get used to it once it becomes familiar.

      Give it time, stay consistent and on days he's fussy and doesn't nap as long or well, bed early!!?? Maybe that's a perk!!
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