Boobs smaller from nursing???

Another post made me wonder.

My boobs were a good B pre baby and now.. Barely an A. I nursed my kids for 6-8 months and think maybe that nursing had something to do with it!!? Or just having babies??

Anyone think that?
Any one that nursed whose boobs stayed the sane or got bigger? Anyone who did Not nurse.. Boobs same or better???

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    I can vouch for the bigger hip problem. After 4 kids my body will never be the same. I used to exercise a lot. But now its hard to find the time. What do you do?
      8Theresa Gould
      I started out an A before children. I'm a C-D now and was definitely a D while nursing. I am carrying a lot of extra weight too. I am assuming if I ever shed it my breasts will shrink. That's what happened to my mom when she lost weight.
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