Raising Children as Vegetarian

If you live in a house with vegetarians and omnivores, how do you feel about raising the children as vegetarian? Would you let them choose on their own? How did you make that decision?​

    Hmm.. great topic! I can think of one personal story I know of.. from my best friend, that shed some light on a good way to go about.. when my bff was little.. ever since she was little.. she hated meat - h a t e d! Her parents, like most, would make her try it or eat a little.. but she always did it with so much distaste for any meat whatsoever. So come time she was 10, they told her if she really hated it, she didn't have to eat meat, but helped provide other ways to keep her body healthy - protein, etc.. fast forward MANY years.. she is 32 I think and hasn't eaten meat since! No urge for it at all.. I think this is a good way to go about it, especially if a kiddo just shows so much interest in NOT having it... just my 2 cents :)
    Wow! I've known a few people who have been vegetarian since birth, and they are some of the healthiest people I know. Then there are people like my husband who have been finding ways to slip their veggies to the dog or the trash since they were kids and are also very healthy. (Hubs has the best immune system I've ever encountered.) So, I guess as long as you keep them healthy, it shouldn't be too much of a fuss!
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