Problems with over concerned acquaintances...

Seriously just had to defriend this lady on Facebook! She's offended another new mommy on there who has a daughter only a few weeks older than Elias. I posted this picture because it was funny to us. My husband and I were right there and he could barely get it in his mouth let alone swallow... But she keeps commenting on the photo asking if I have a chokable hazard measurer.
Am I being too mean? I know she has the right motive since she used to work as a paramedic. But I know my son he doesn't have teeth and I was right there... I never left the room!

Problems with over concerned acquaintances...
    Some people just get into others business
      Oh yeah. People cannot keep their mouths shut and opinions to themselves. I hated it.
      I remember my son was wearing a black onesie and some lady said that I clearly didn't have joy as no baby should wear the color if death.
      I wanted to punch her in the throat and show her how little joy there was. Lol

      De friend and move on. Everyone's gonna say something and u gotta let it roll off. Or make a joke back like " you think this was chokable.. U should have seen him with the gumball he played with"

      My smart ass comments always shut people up and I did it with a smile pretending I didn't Get they were being obnoxious.

      Plus. It made it more fun to watch people squirm.

      Your baby. Your rules. ;)
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