seperation anxiety

is it possible that my four month old has seperation anxiety? our night time routine is flawless so i thought my mom would have an easy night with her while i went out. keep in mind i live with my mom so the environment stays the same. according to my mom she was very fussy, wouldnt eat, screamed for over a half hour, and woke up three times in an hour after bedtime, my poor angel. im bot sure what to do :(

    Iwould imagine any child at any age could have separation anxiety!
    02/22/14 you think she will grow out of this?
      They do grow out of it and the phases come and go throughout. Toddlers even middle school they all go through needy phases.
      Remember it's harder in you then on them and they forget quickly while we can feel emotional and guilty for days. Lol
      Be sure to do what's right for you but also let your baby know with a kind voice that you're there and don't rush every time to pick them up.
      Hang in there!!
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