Getting my grocery list together

Well I'm getting my list together so I can get to the store and get my grocery shopping done for the week. I'll have my helper Emily with me today, she likes going shopping with me. So I guess Tim will have to stay home with the other kids until I get back, Emily usually watches her brother's and sister's if both of us are gone. It's going to be a pretty long list and I'll probably end up spending about $300-$400 but with 10 of us to feed that isn't awhole lot. I'll be stopping at Walmart and Sam's Club, I got a membership to Sam's when we moved here, before we didn't have one close by. I really like that store because I can buy in bulk.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    8Theresa Gould
    Grocery shopping for a large family is fun, isn't? Just not on the wallet! Ha ha! I get a lot of our food from Azure Standard (once a month usually) and now that we have a Mariano's a half hour away we get a bulk of food there. We let our Sam's and Costco memberships lapse but I've been tempted to get our Costco's back now because Mariano's and Costco are in the same town.

    Have fun with Emily! It's always nice to be one on one with each of my children.
    9Michelle Fritch
    Thanks Theresa and it sure is, I love going shopping always have. You are right about it not being fun on the wallet though, I can almost never get out of a grocery store without spending at least $300. I like doing all my shopping at once so I don't need to go multiple times a week. When we lived in Wisconsin I use to shop at Pick N Save a lot but we don't have those here so I've just been sticking with Walmart and Sam's Club, I've been thinking about giving Costco a try too since we have them here.

    I love having one on one time with each child, she'll have fun since she enjoys shopping like I do. She's my shopper and I let her pick out things for her brother's and sister's to snack on too.
      It's wonderful to have a big family! Older ones are really great helpers to mom. I am the second born of 8 siblings in the family I was assisting mom to do the shopping list. I was just glad to go with my mother most of the time buying food, & other more things needed at home. Then when we came back to put all the stuff in their right places my other siblings would help. A lot of fun and teasing each other as normal kids would do...

      Today my grown ups would just simply say "Mom buy add this/these to your grocery list I'll give you the money later..." It's okay they work and study. They are good children!

      Enjoy your grocery shopping!
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