Oh dear God NO FaceTime!!!

How many times have u answered your phone by accident with FaceTime and got a good gander at the worst angle and lighting possible of yourself!!??? Lol

Calked my daughter this morning at 6 am to sing happy birthday before they went to Disney land and she called me back with FaceTime.

Oh geez. Poor thing. Mama all puffy eyed in bed, crusty, sleep eyes, matted hair ... I might have scarred her for life. Lol

She looked older!!! Dang u FaceTime!!!

    Lol. It's on the iPhones. It's like Skype but on your phone. U can talk and see the other person that also has an iPhone. It's an option u can use when calling someone. Sometimes I've pressed it by accident and a friends answered staring up my nostril or I've looked down and seen my 42 year old face falling forward!!??? Yeeeeuuuccckk. Lol
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