baby einstien

what do you all think about these books and videos? i love reading the books to my daughter, as we read a variety of books every afternoon, and i pop in the occasional movie froom our local library if i need 20 minutes to myself. ive heard lots of things good and bad about baby einstein products. whats your feedback?

    Amber Bradley
    We don't listen or watch them. But we do listen to engaging music and watch other movies
      Both my kids lived on these videos. We had the whole collection and was all that they watched up until about a year (mostly anyway.. I had other kids too so they sat thru creepy sponge bob too)..
      But they lived them and calmed them. And the time was perfect. When I needed 24 minutes? Boom. Video
      Guaranteed breather for me.
      Loved the music books too.
        We have a few baby einstein books and flash cards also the baby einstien under the sea exercise saucer. I think they're great.
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