My poor Baby :(

Spent my day holding my little guy! He is sick with a cold. Do your babies just want to be held when they are sick? What do you do for a cold? He is always all smiles and plays. I hate seeing him lay around not feeling well. Its even harder not being able to do anything to take his pain away. It has been a long day! ​

    Amanda Hurley
    I have been doing the same with all three of mine. They have been mama's kids today. They don't want daddy, just mommy. Grahm and Makenzie have fevers and Jasmine just has a nasty cough. I was given permission from my pediatrician to give the babys childrens cold medicine, in very small amounts, to help with the cough. All you can do for them is coddle them til they get better. A lot of times, my kids end up in bed with me.
      Brittney, wish Zavier speedy recovery! Will pray about him
      Hold on, everything will be ok - mommy is here, so he will be better soon!!
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