Sick baby

Avery woke up with a deep wet cough yesterday and a runny nose. She was in good spirits and didn't have a fever so we didn't worry too much. She was very sleepy and not very hungry. She wouldn't nurse or eat well.

Today she is worse. Super cranky and the phlegm in her throat keeps waking her up. She's only taken one 30min nap all day and wants to be held 95% of the time. Poor thing won't let us get near her with a bulb syringe to clean out her nose. She'll have crying fits where she cries so hard her lips turn purple :(

    my suggestions include a bit of mommies bliss gripe water since it is all natural and will help her tummy, maybe even enough to get her to nurse. i wouldnt bother with any other foods or fluids. your breast milk is what she needs! also my daughter is finishing up having a cold and I used a cool mist humidifier in our room at night. also good to try for congestion is a warm bath with the johnsons vapor bath. its like vicks vapor rub only in a wash. the steam and the smell may open up her airways a bit. just snuggle her and maybe incline her head a bit when she is sleeping so she can breath better. good luck and i hope she feels better soon!
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