life as we know it

there are so many choices in life. I have decided that my focus should be my babygirl. when i get my life situated: my own apartment and job, and i get honesty in to a good daycare; that i think i will be happy with my life. I'm definitely not ready to add a relationship into this mix just yet. I have a lot of healing and learning to do. And this is LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!

    Amber Bradley
    That is a good plan I think Hazel! I think that is why Ash waited so long to tell me he wanted kids. He wanted to finish college and have a steady job first.
      Agree totally and I have been there!!!
      Plus I realize now in hindsight that no GOOD man will come to you until you are truly happy on your own.
      And it's always ironic.. Never fails.. The SECOND you truly become happy and comfortable in your life just being you and your daughter?? THAT'S when a good guy is going to come in and rock your boat (and world) :)
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