What denomination of church do you go to? I go to an Assembly of God church. The kids, Ash and I all love it!

Amber BradleyRedding, California
    We are Christians. We go to Reality. I love our church. It's super focused on following Jesus without being strict religious. It's a younger, edgier church. We have teens and same sex couples and older couples and our ministry are all under 45.. Our head pastor is a recovering heroin addict and is the most kindest, warmest, loving and passionate pastor I have ever seen do a sermon. It's funny because he has a full sleeve tattoo and looks like someone you may want to avoid.
    I love it. I love that my kids are growing up in a church with such diversity as opposed to my boring, uppity Catholic Church I went to growing up
    Times are a changing!!!

    What do you like about your church? What's it like?
    Amber Bradley
    Our churches are a lot alike! It is very new and has a great nursery in it for kids. We sing new songs too and it is not boring at all! Thanks for sharing! it is a Christian church of course and isn't to strict either.
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