So my girls are new to this lactose sensitivity thing like I am. Any ideas on what foods my kids would have and not have other than cheese, cows milk, ice cream and bananas.. My youngest has been fighting with constipation since she was one but my oldest daughter just started having issues.. I am lost and feel bad when they see other kids with what they can not have Please help me figure this out. My youngest just don't understand my oldest daughter understands to a limit she knows it will hurt her tummy so she wont eat it but my youngest will just sit and cry no matter how you explain that it will make her sick...

    i am sorry to hear that your children are going through this. I have never dealt with this personally so I can not give any advice...only my best wishes! However, I am sure someone on this site is going through the same thing and can help!
      My husband is lactose intolerant. I think the hardest thing about it is that there are different levels if intolerance. He can eat cheese, but if it's a lot or it's really greasy it makes his stomach upset - like some pizzas or cheesy pasta. He can eat some kinds of ice cream, but frozen yogurt is better. Oh yogurt and sour cream are ok too because they're cultured dairy. Still, everything has to be in moderation.

      The biggest thing we learned was to keep those lactaid tablets on hand at all times. That way he can eat pretty much what everyone else is having when we're out. He just takes one with his first bite of food. I actually think the tablets have helped him build up his tolerance a bit because it used to be way worse then it is now.
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