Pregnancy or Menopause?

My husband thinks I am obsessing! I have had a tubal 11 years ago right after my daughter was born. My last period was Jan 1 and it is Fed 23. My breasts are perky an sensitive, I am having mood swings, it feels like my cervix has closed, and I am nauseated after 5 pm. I think I am going crazy!! Tests come up negative and I don't have insurance. What do you think I should do?!?!

    I am 34 years old and my girls are 17 and 11. We don't have anything like Family planing clinics near us. I have to see about making a apt. in the city on Mon. I hope they will see me on sliding scale! I have been reading things about tudal pregnancy's. I am just hoping that if I am having a baby that it makes it into the uterus! My husband is 45 an I don't think he really wants to have a baby! But if we are he will not ask me to abort it!
      The pregnancy test said "no". But come to find out he didn't do a blood test for pregnancy. I also found out that a blue cervix is what they used before pregnancy tests came out to tell if you where pregnant. It's not 100% but it is a sign. I will have to what another month before I should test again. An see if my body is putting off hormones to read. It is a waiting game right now. Like my husband said be careful about lifting and streaching till we no for sure. But while I am waiting the sickness is getting lighter. But it feels like the bones of my pelvis are moving.
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