Does anyone here Blog? Does anyone own their own Blog site? I am interested in Blogging, but not quit sure how to go about starting one, or how to make money at it. Any tips?

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      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, I blog and agree with Sheila that it takes a lot of hard work - to get established, build traffic and to earn money, if that is your ultimate goal. I recommend going with self-hosting from the start, if you have the budget for it. You buy your domain from GoDaddy and register it with Hostgator or another hosting company. That's worked for me so far. Then you choose a theme and get a month's worth of posts and photos ready.
        I assist on a blog ... but just assisting can be hard work . I cannot even imagine the work that goes into running the entire blog! Good for you for trying to take on this adventure!
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