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So, I have 6 full time children and a husband that I am washing clothes for, sorting, folding and bringing and in some cases putting away for. I collect dirty clothes only for the 3 year old and the 21 month old. I expect everyone else, to either bring them to the laundry hamper or the laundry room. My stepson, who is 15, just got an attitude because he didn't have a clean hoodie. I told him if it was downstairs or in the laundry they got washed. He tells me that no one came and got his laundry from his room. I have NEVER gotten laundry from his room. My oldest, who is 17, works part time, has AP and college classes, and does color guard has time to bring her clothes to the laundry. He stays on a computer every waking moment he is home. I refuse to wait on him hand and foot when I don't do that for anyone else. I told my husband I am not going to start fetching his laundry...that he is old enough to do it, and he is actually old enough to be helping with the laundry, as my oldest does. I have too many children and too much to do to be digging through his room to see if he has dirty clothes mixed in with his mess. The room is another issue...sigh.

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    If he wanted clean clothes so badly then he can put them where they go. He will start doing what he is suppose to once he realizes they aren't going to get clean unless he follows the rules. Does your husband have a problem with this?
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      My husband is more lenient than I am. But he did support me with this. He is the same way with his daughter on the weekends. She does not listen to him at all. She knows how to work daddy. But thanks to his mom, he finally saw the light about her having to go by the same rules the other kids do. Their mom has no rules. They can pretty much do what they want. My stepson doesn't even go to her house anymore because of the way she is. But my husband is afraid, I think, to be to firm because he is afraid his son will decide to go there. He also is of the thought he should be his son's friend more than anything. I go by by the theory I can be my kids friend, but mostly I am the parent and I set the rules. If they do wrong, they get to face consequences. My hubby is more of the type...he can do what he wants, he's 15, he's mature. I do have to say, most of the time we don't have a problem. My stepson actually likes that I have rules, require phone calls to spend the night and want to know where he is going riding and what time he will be home. I very rarely have a problem with him. I think that it is more where we are going to court with his mom over his sister, and he knows what his sister is going through, and he was upset over court being continued again. I really appreciate the I feel like I am doing it all wrong.
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