​Hello moms, new to the site trying to figure it out.

    Amanda Hurley
    Hello and welcome to the group. Take a look around at the posts. I am sure you will find one that you can either help with or that will help you. I have three kids with number four on the way, and I have found many tips that will help me as my kids get older.
      8Theresa Gould
      Welcome, Sandy, so glad you decided to join us here at!

      Mandi said it well to Denise:

      Mandi Welbaum
      Hi Denise!
      On the left you'll Moms Expertise - this is where you can find a growing collection of advice for all sorts of issues. You can also leave your own advice, tips, trick for other moms to read later. You can create 'Posts' to start up a conversation, 'Mom's Moments' to share pictures (and we're having a Halloween contest right now, I'll share details on our Facebook page for those who missed the announcement).

      Basically - ask your questions, help other moms out, and 'Find Moms' who might be near you or have the same age children to form new friendships!


      Hope that helps you figure out the site!
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      I am a 33 year old from Brooklyn N.Y. I am married and have a baby girl. I am hoping to learn from and meet new moms.