disapline for toddler and preschool

my two year old is a lot easier to disapline then my four year old. i need ideas though. i do time outs, explaining things to them that is wrong and why its wrong. even try redirecting them and taking toys away for alittle bit. sometimes its so frustrating i wanna scream. four year old has stared acting like her brother who is two, i hate that more then anytthing, i do give her attention before you say its because she needs more of it. its not that i dont explain to her what she does that bugs me and tell her she needs to be good in order for me to be more nice to her. she is startin to lie also. she also just stops what she is doing dead in her tracks ad stares blank.. its like ok i no you can hear me.. makes me mad. i am not sure how to react too her acting like this. all i no is it bugs me. i honestly dont no what im doing with her sense she is my oldest child. so any advise would be good. no bashnig please. thanks.

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