I went to sleep a lot earlier than normal last night....12:30... And was up at 5:30 which is before my husband even got home! That is really unusual. I layed in bed for about an hour and started getting hungry OF COURSE! Also, usually once daddy gets home Abel can hear his voice so he wakes up. Usually I can sleep through his nudges and punches but this morning I couldn't. I just wasn't tired enough.

So, I made some oatmeal and now on here. Maybe an episode of Revenge too. I know in about an hour or so I will be tired again!

Hope everyone has a great Monday

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    Netflix is my savior. Especially since I stopped working and started staying at home full time. I don't have cable because how darn expensive it is and I hardly watch tv anyway. So netflix is the next best thing. I have been thinking about getting Hulu. I like how on there shows are released the night they came out on tv!! They have commercials but really quick ones that don't bother too much lol
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