Sleeping Arrangements..

So this is a unique question I would LOVE to ask all you Moms.. ​all my girlfriends are having babies left n right.. so I love to chat with them, hear their own stories, what works for them etc...

Recently, one friend told me her or her husband STILL sleep in the baby's room.. on the floor.. EVERY night. She isn't 6 months old yet.. she told me some stat that the risk of SIDS goes down drastically if the baby sleeps in the same room as the parent, etc.. So I get it.. I get her worry and paranoia.. but I would just love to know if this is at all common!?

Care to share your own story or what worked for you sleeping wise?

Is her story a bit drastic? I hadn't heard of someone doing that before!

But hey.. to each their own :)

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    Kat Mahoney
    My kids are all 17 months apart (and pre teens now - I have 3) but when they were babies, I had a newborn, 17 month old, and a 2yr old when my husband was deployed, so I was VERY worried ... on top of everything else. They ALL slept in my room with me (I have a California King so it was HUGE) the entire time. Obviously not now, but for a long time they stayed with me until they eventually moved from my bed to the floor, a cot, or a twin air mattress - to now their own rooms of course. I just had too many things to worry about with my husband not around (on top of worrying about him in the warzone to begin with). I couldn't sleep on the floor, I have a bad back/neck, but I didn't mind all three next to me. It will eventually subside and no child has even died from parental love and worry =)
    Amanda Hurley
    I still let my 6 year old climb into bed with me, after her sister goes to sleep. Makenzie won't sleep in her bed by herself, and she won't sleep with me either.
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        Amanda Hurley
        After my first, I learned that my body is naturally inclined to notice baby's every move. I co slept with all of my children until they were about 2 to 4 months old, then moved them into a bassinet in my room until they were about 6 to 8 months old, depending on their developments. After the bassinet, they moved into a crib. Right now, my two year old shares a bed with her big sister, their choice. Makenzie will not sleep on her own yet. Grahm is 14 months old, and still sleeps in the crib.
          8Theresa Gould
          I've heard of parents sleeping in the baby's room. For me that seemed like a lot of work. My husband and I want to sleep together so we had our babies in our room with us. We co-slept from baby number 3 and are still doing so with our two youngest. One sleeps in the bed and the other on the floor and quite often they switch places or the one on the bed will go on the floor with the other and on the floor will climb up in bed with the rest of us. They move around A LOT.

          If they are sleeping right up against us or dreaming or talking in their sleep, yes sometimes it affects our sleep at this age. My husband quite often complains of a back ache if feet have been pressed into his back all night.
            Margaret hernandez
            LOl I am glad to see that me and Hubie are not the only ones to do this :). are boys have sleep with us and love to snuggle. I found i sleep better with them next to us then when they sleep in a crib.they ware 4y old when they wont to sleep in their room.. soon my youngest will be living us to go to his room when he is ready. some night he sleep with us or he will sleep in his own bed that is in are room.
              I coslept in the same room with my kids until they were about 2 or 3 years old. My husband was a local truck driver. He would work during the night and sleep during the day. It helped me to know that I was close in case something happened. My two boys both had asthma and croup so there were a lot of sleepy nights, waking up just to give them their breathing treatments. My youngest one eventually had a tonil and adnoidectomy. This completely cured him of this breathing problems.
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