Teaching Shapes and Sounds to a One Year Old

I noticed this weekend that Holly can do her shape sorter if I help her find the right hole she can get the shape in it. She has never really taken much interest in actually using the shape sorter other than to chew on the shapes. And I also noticed her turning the pages of a book and talking out loud as if she was reading it. I feel like she's so engaged I want try and teach her more skills.

Right now I generally just point things out and tell her what they are, if they make a sound I tell her the sound or tell her what color it is. Is this what you did to teach them these things?? I often feel like I should be doing more to teach her things.

    You're doing what I did.. I felt like I was annoying them sometimes... lol.. we would take a walk and I would talk them through it.. like annoyingly.. "You see the bird? is it blue? Blue bird? What's a bird say? Tweet, tweet,.. the blue bird says tweet tweet"

    UGH.. I think I would pinch someone if they talk to me like that.. BUT... They both talked early and knew more colors and shapes and animals and numbers then their peers and their vocabulary is great and full sentences were spoken earlier..

    Not sure that I get the credit for that lol.. BUT.. I was just engaged with them... I also NEVER used baby talk... I never called water wa wa or a snack a num num... I just never did... THEY could.. cause they were babies... I seemed to have a running dialogue to... If they wanted something, I would teach them how to ask by saying to for them. I used thank you and please constantly...

    My kids are NOT perfect... The above had it's bad days too... :)
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