Birthday Present for the Sibling??

I've always done a big brother/little sister gift... Especially when they were younger as they didn't really understand why they weren't getting gifts... so I always had ONE.. and maybe one other tiny thing... to include them...

I've kept the tradition alive... My son is 9 1/2 and my daughter just had her 7th birthday and I had something for him too.. He actually asked me for a new Wii game.. which is $49 bucks and I told him nicely, that it's NOT his birthday and that's a big gift... and that he would get something small...

He knew he was pushing his luck and laughed..

Do you do sibling gifts?

    I do not do sibling gifts but I had some relative who did get sibling gifts and I asked them to stop. I think it is important to teach the kids that life isn't always fair and to learn how to deal with it. I also want them to learn to give without expecting anything in return. I do take the siblings shopping so they can pick out a small present for the birthday child.
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