Tubes in and Later adenoids removed...

My step son had tubes put in twice.. Once when he was 2 and then they fell out and they did them again at 5... THEN they fell out again and they went in and removed his adenoids and he never had a problem again...

It's terrible to watch them go under.. and then be wheeled back into the operating room. and was hard watching him come out of it all.. Both his birth mom and I were there and we were both crying... But we bonded for sure as his dad (my husband at the time) sort of freaked out ...

but they forget it really fast and then he was seriously playing and eating a popsicle later that day...

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    I was the one who had tubes put in and I also had my adenoids removed as well and I do infact remember that day very well it wasn't scary to me I had a great doctor who I wish I could take my kids to and I haven't had any hearing problems since yes my tubes fell out but I was told that's ok if they do if I hadn't had this done I would be deaf completely right now. Not saying being deaf is a terrible things I'm just saying that's what would have happened if I hadn't gotten the surgery.
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