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i gained 75lbs during my pregnancy. it was awful. i had a gastric bypass 5 years ago and due to that the baby had trouble gaining weight. i was asked to had extra shakes and protein to get her going, but it only seemed to cause me to gain! after birth i lost 38lbs right away (breast feeding helps) but now its time to hit the gym!

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      Girl I feel for ya, I gained 80 pounds with my son and I had almost lost it all within a year time and bam now I am pregnant again. I am starting out bigger than last time,so I really have to watch what I gain. I also have to worry about the baby getting the best nutrition without me going over my calorie allowance. Good luck hun.
        i quit smoking as soon as i found out too taylor! it was hard at first, soo i totally understand. i have not relapsed though at times i want to. and thanks for the encouragement guys. the only thing i have done so far is watch my calorie intake (making sure its sufficient to a breastfeeding level) and lots of walking. i go up and down my stairs alot. lol i just got my y pass back and will get back to my normal, which is light weights and cardio
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