The Peak and the Pit

Okay so I totally stole this from an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians...don't judge. Butttt I do think it is a great exercise.

Share with us what the Peak of your day is, and the Pit.

for me the Peak- seeing holly have a total blast at swim class. It warms my heart to see her having lots of fun.

Pit- I still need to go get my oil changed and to the grocery before my husband gets home and she is a total crank after waking up from her nap!

    Peak- Waking up with my girls this morning, them both setting on my lap luving on me :)
    Pit- I just got a new car like not even 2 weeks ago and I think somethings wrong with it( I wanna cry)
      Epiffany endress
      peak-waking up to my family seeing there happy faces and being happy that my mom is still alive

      pit-have to wash clothes at the laundry mat but don't want to go lol
        Peak = Having my daughter wake up happily. She's sick and teething with molars, so she has been a crabby mess lately. She was smiling and less boogery this morning, so that was fun.

        Pit = My kitty had to go back to the hospital. She has cancer, and she's having radiation treatments. She spends the five weekdays at the hospital, then we have her for the weekends. We're more than halfway done, but you can tell she's not impressed.
          Kayla DeLeon
          Peak: Watching Lauren build a lego tower bigger than her

          Pit: Hubby started his first night shift so I am sleeping alone
            Comment deleted
              peak - good DR visit
              pit - my son still has a cold
                Peak = seeing my daughter smile and run to me with a hug as she arrives home on the bus from morning kindergarten.

                Pit = Needing a mid afternoon nap and not being able to get one! LOL!
                  Peak = Mine doesn't hit until around Noonish, I am done with work. Flynn is excited for lunch time and dedicated mommy play time. I turn some good tunes on and we have a good hour or so of mommy/son time. Second peak, watching this same thing occur when Daddy gets home, warms my heart :)

                  Pit = Flynn's Pre-sleep time, if I have waited too long to put him down or he is just having a rough day this can sometimes be an hour long fight and it is EXHAUSTING! Sometimes it occurs at nap time other times just bed time but some days we have a good one all day. Also hate when Daddy has to lock himself away right after dinner to study and we have already missed him all day.
                    Kim... where is the monster truck rally at?
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