Your Baby Can Read

So i've been thinking about this video since I was pregnant with my son and was wondering who has purchased, knows someone or thought about buying this for their child. I'm stuck and not sure if I should or want to get it. I see the ABCmouse commercial and I want to get it but he is too young for it, but I let him watch TV.

So what are you ladies thoughts on this.

    I don't like it because I think it is not very honest. It is not really teaching your baby to read it is teaching your baby to memorize. Studies show that early reading is not important when it come to developing good reading skills, most kids average out in their reading skills around the same age no matter how early they started or how good they are. I believe that it is more important to teach your child a love of learning and reading. Make it something fun that they will always want to do. i see no reason to rush my kids to learn something before they are developmental ready. At this age read him books, play with toys, talk about animals, animal sounds, colors, and teach some basic sign language.
    He is the perfect age to start reading books to him.
      8Theresa Gould
      What is ABCmouse, is that the website or a video? If it's the website, we use for our children, though it seems many days we don't even get to it with their other school work. I think free apps can do just as well. Our three year old seems to have learned a lot just from the apps I have on my phone. They love it. Our youngest is the only one to have it since he was a baby. As a baby they cannot do much with the mouse etc. and need a lot of supervision.

      Katie said it well too though. I think as mothers we want to feel like we are doing our best and teaching our children. You can do that with books. We've read lots and lots to our children.

      I don't necessarily believe babies can learn to read but I think there is some preparation that can be made with certain children at a young age, especially with our first. I think it depends on the child. With my oldest I had tons more time with her and I started teaching her the alphabet a little over a year, if I remember correctly. She was talking full sentences early, telling stories at age 2 (I wrote down some of them and still have them - it was then that I said she was going to be a writer and she is). She learned to read at age 3. Our second was 4. Both of them read far above their age and grade level in school. Our other children were later to read. 6-8 years old. Though I started a couple of them at five and just let it go due to time or a lack of readiness on their part.

      Ok, enough of my babbling......
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