Tylenol in pregnancy

I just read this article and I thought I would share. What are your thoughts on using pain medicine while you're pregnant?


    8Theresa Gould
    I saw this too and was going to post it. I really tried not to use any medications in my pregnancies. I may have used Tylenol in my first pregnancy but I cannot remember. I usually only used it if I absolutely had to. Substance abuse (alcoholism) runs in my family and I have always been very aware and careful about what I use and how much. Never wanted to be entrapped by anything.
      I think if you use tylenol sparingly during pregnancy that it is okay. but natural remedies are best. try to find the source of your pain and go from there. drink more water and take a nap if you have a headache. try a warm bath or a massage if your body aches...maybe you need to change up your diet..etc.. but sometimes tylenol is a quick fix. use only when nessacery and see if only taking one pill instead of two does the trick
        I was never a Tylenol person. I've always gotten bad headaches and migraines an Tylenol didn't help. However, when I was pregnant I was told it was the only thing I could use! I didn't use it often because for some reason my headaches weren't as bad while I was pregnant, but I did use it once or twice.

        The hard thing about studies like this is it shows a relationship, not cause and effect. They don't know for sure if acetaminophen caused the ADHD. I mean, think about why the women studied took the Tylenol. They we're in pain of some kind that was severe enough to medicate. That pain could have been caused by a condition or illness that increased the risk I ADHD in their babies. The Tylenol wouldn't really be the issue.

        I think that the less medication a mother can take during pregnancy the better, but I also don't believe in taking media studies at face value. I'd have to read the actual scientific study.
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