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My daughter is 10 months now and I'm a chef and im letting her experience different foods. But now I'm seeing that she doesn't want anything no baby food mashed potatoes bread etc. I don't know what to do she seems to want meat. But I'm so scary on letting her try things and scared she might choke. I know i have to let her learn to eat. What did some of you mom's try and did they go through the stage of not wanting any food.

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    My girl is only 8mo so she isn't picky yet, but she has eaten meat! It was only a little bit if chicken that I minced up. I want her to experience a lot of flavors so I just took it off of my plate. She seemed to love the flavor (it was cooked in a sweet mustard sauce) and it was minced so small I wasn't worried about choking. If you want to give your daughter meat you could try it that way.
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