Im in need of advice from all you awesome mommies out there!

My 7 month old refuses to sleep thru the night ! He has a nice big dinner a couple hours before he goes to bed. A warm bottle of 8oz to put him to sleep, a clean diaper and a comfy crib I wish I could sleep in lol. I have no clue what to do. He sleeps for about an hour then he is up rolling around being fussy. I go up and rock him back to sleep and give him his binky.. Then its every 30 minutes he is up rolling around. The past few nights he has been up crying consistently. Anybody have some advice for me because I am literally up all night and all day and have no clue what to do! Please help!

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    I have a Mobile that makes ocean and animal sounds but the night and stars stay on and it keeps him awake.. I need to get a radio or something. I leave the TV on for background noise but it doesn't help.
      Oh boy. So sorry. I had one if those and I was a mess. He was super strong willed and I did everything I was told. Finally I did this.

      After his hour sleep. I wouldn't go in for a bit. Like 15 mins. Then 20, 30 etc.
      same for the wake ups throughout.
      And I didn't pick him up. At all. Just patted his back or belly and when he wouldn't lay down I had to leave him standing. Ugh.

      Hardest thing I ever did was sit at his door counting the minutes when I could go in. Second hardest was not picking him up when he would reach for me. It's devastating. But after 2,3 nights if standing firm. He waked further and far between.
      Then he got sick and I had to do it all over again.

      Don't pick him up. Soothe, one minute and walk out.

      It sounds harsh and it FELT harsh but like u I had an extreme case on my hands and I dreaded bed time and the night.. I couldn't sleep at all anticipating him waking any second. It was awful.

      And after 3 nights.. Totally worth it. But it's hard and you can't slip. At all.

      I cried and drank wine some nights. A lot of nights.

      But they wake up for comfort or to see u or because they can. They need to self soothe and if you've done everything else then hate to say it but its the only way and the nicest way w out totally letting him cry it out.

      I'm sorry you're going thru it. It seriously was the worst thing but I'm sooooo glad I did it. And if u slip and pick him up or go in too soon, they know you're weakness lol and then I really have to go longer.

      Let us know how it goes.
      Thank you very much!
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