My mom's bedtime advice

I actually adopted what my mom did with her three girls. Some may not agree with it, but it's worked for us. As soon as we got home I started the same thing. At her night bottle we would turn all the lights off as soon as Bailey was done feeding. We have a lamb that plays different soothing sounds and we would turn that on. For the first several weeks all I had was the tv on set to really low. I would use that as a light source. Anytime she would wake up I wouldn't turn on any lights. I would quickly change her, feed her and put her right back to bed. If she's still awake, she puts herself back to sleep. I wouldn't talk to her the whole time she was feeding. The only time I would turn a light on or talk was if she had a massive poopie diaper and I had to have a light on. Now she has her last bottle between 9 and 10 and she normally doesn't get back up until about 5:30, 6ish. Once in a while she'll wake up about 3:30, but being 9 weeks old, I think that's pretty good. Now we're down to the laptop playing lullabies all night long. Hopefully in the next several weeks we can have it down to no lights on and just music playing.

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