First comes baby or two, then comes marriage....

My boyfriend and I are happily "common law married" and are happy to wait til we have the money for the celebration wedding we deserve, but a lot of people have expressed an issue with us not being "officially" married yet. We ignore it. We know we're happy and our family unit is permanent. But the negative feedback and hints we sometimes get are annoying. And when we mention we want more children and are planning them based on finances and number of years we want them apart and not when we'll get married, some people in our families look pretty disappointed. We're not too young by any means (me: almost 28, him: 31), we have a house that's paid for, three vehicles that are paid for, college degrees, good jobs with benefits...all in all every responsible thing a "married" couple with children should have. We just are not married, we've made the vows to each other in many various ways, it's just that the ceremony isn't our top priority. Any of you moms out there have a similar issue or thoughts? :)

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