Great to finally have a mom

I grew up with only my dad and not even knowing my mom, so while I got along with my father in law almost right away, it took some time for my mother in law and I to connect, it was weird for me to have a mom. But she is great, she treats our family well and is always ready to help. She spoils our daughter a lot more than we do, but that's her job :)

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    I grow up not knowing my dad n win I was 13 I ask about my dad n mom say he was not there 4 me n I find out that I have 4 sisters n 2 bors on my dad's side
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    I am a new mom w/ a wonderful baby girl & her amazing Daddy who I'm so lucky to call mine. I work hard at my FT job w/ our local Big Brothers Big Sisters. I try everyday to be the best mom & girlfriend I can be. I am so proud of myself & my family!