Comfortable and cute

Lots of trendy nice blouses and t-shirts with pajama jeans (i have 3 of regular and 2 of the skinny!!!) or black yoga pants, I also wear ballet flats with every thing I have one in every color I swear. My hairs down and brushed or in a high bun all the time.

Moms Expertise
    Some days I honestly do not get dressed! Less laundry. I usually wear jeans,a nice shirt or sweater and a blazer jacket. If I wear skinny jeans I wear boots otherwise low heeled shoes. I love color so I let this show in my tops and accessories. My hair is in a ponytail,french braid or hairband. I do not like my hair long and loose
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    I am stay at home mother who just recently moved to the US from the Russia. I came here to go school and met my husband. After that we planned a marriage and I moved here in 2009. We have 2 small children and I am a stay at home mom but I do work from home