BEST thing after having baby... ?

So we always chat about the labor woes, the nerves, the things ladies should beware of or scared about... I get it. But quite frankly, it's going to happen.. so I would rather think HAPPY things to subside my worries.

What was something truly magical or that you will never forget post having your baby? Something I should make EXTRA sure to soak in? :)​

    Amanda Hurley
    I am amazed at the amnesia you get after having a baby. Yes, it is very painful, but once you hold (and if you choose to breastfeed) your little one, all the pain in the world just melts away. You look into the eyes of the miracle you created, and in that moment, its just you and the baby. Nothing else matters.
      My daughter is 7 days old and I cannot stop looking at her and just saying WOW, the most beautiful site I've ever seen.....
      8Theresa Gould
      Congratulations, Jennifer! And welcome to!
        8Theresa Gould
        I think just holding baby after waiting nine months. Then of course nursing baby and watching baby sleep. Yes, I will never forget the first time my husband changed a diaper. I was trying to encourage him saying, "It's just a pee." And when he finally decides to do it, what does our daughter do? She decides to have a nice bowel movement while he was changing her! It was not a small one either. I was laughing my head off while he was asking me what he should do and running for the camera. :)
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