My kids have an i-phone...

They have it to talk to their dad and message with him and FaceTime with him without having to go through me at all times.. But he lives in NY.. and I still treat it as a toy.. No one is carrying it around in their back pocket.. it stays on our table, so they can hear it beep or ring.. and they ask first before they play with it..

HOWEVER... Before this.. I had an old flip phone.. that I had service on.. for emergency's only... it's a phone that doesn't have games on it, but you can text and one that if we lost... I wouldn't care much... (not financially anyway)... SO.. my goal with the flip phone was to give them that trust and see what they did with it.. was it lost? dropped? Wet?

I told them that how they treated that phone was going to show me how they treated another...

My kids are 7 and 9... I don't think they should have an iPhone of their own, but i DO think they should have a phone of some sort... Its mostly for my sanity.. knowing that if I'm late to pick up or there's an earthquake or they need to reach ME while at a playdate, they can...

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