Baby moved during labor

​Generally speaking, the baby's head moves through the cervix into the vaginal canal. But not so easy. Most babies turn on their own, or your doctor will help to rotate the baby manually.The head of every baby born vaginally becomes misshapen to some degree during the birth process, because the baby has soft skull.

Interesting fact:Positions for Birth

74% of moms lay on their backs, 23% upright (propped up, squatting or sitting), 3% side-lying, 1% hands and knees.

Moms Expertise
    Amanda Hurley
    Interesting about the positions. I was upright with all of mine. The doc said it would make it easier to push.
      8Theresa Gould
      I prefer upright kneeling at my bed now that I've done it with the last three at home. Gravity is good.
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