This mama ships gone down and how to enlist kids to care for ME??

Okay.. they're not... I mean they are.. they're 6 and 9.. they're normal selfish.. BUT.. Mama has gone down.. Last weekend the kids both got bad colds and coughs.. coughing INTO my face most of the night and though I stand strong many many times.. they got me.. I fought it.. but this morning.. I woke up (day 6) and thought.. FINE.. okay.. can't do this on my own.. things are green and I have no energy to lift my arm.. so I went to Doctor..

I told my kids this morning.. to go easy on me.. that I'm not feeling great and to step it up.. they stared at me like I was from outer space.. and my son said, "Are you broken?"... but still didn't have a problem asking me to find his red shoes...

My point.. my point.. Not sure.. this cough syrup they gave me is clearly liquid crack.. OOHHH.. Okay.. SO.. Instead of dreading doing homework, snacks and dinner, etc with them tonight as I feel rotten.. I'm going to see if I can enlist them somehow to be better people.. They have to KNOW that if I'm ill, they gotta fend ... And since I blessed enough that I'm not totally out for the count.. it will be good.. NO?

How are some ways ladies when you get sick and don't have ANY help that you enlist your kids? To take care of YOU????​

    Amanda Hurley
    My oldest is now 6. She was three when I got pregnant with Makenzie. She learned very quickly that mommy's morning sickness prevented her from getting off the couch or toiliet a lot of the times. We kept Peanut butter, jelly, bread, a spoon, a plate, and juice boxes within her reach. When she needed lunch, she knew what to do. Now, she is mommy's little helper. She makes sure on the days when mommy is really crappy, she makes me comfortable. She makes my bed, fluffs my pillows, and even fetches drinks for me. I love her to death.
    Amanda Hurley
    I keep microwavable meals around for that purpose. I also always have stuff for sandwiches on hand, just in case.
      8Theresa Gould
      Mine learned early on too. My oldest was six. But they are all involved in household things now and can pretty much fend for themselves or help younger children. Our three year old is the youngest of all our children to go to the fridge and get himself a drink. That pretty much happened right after I weaned him in the spring.
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