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Every year when I was little we had the same fake tree and I didn't like it. Since I've been with my bf we have had a real tree. We had our family's first real live tree in our new apartment and plan on having a real live tree every christmas!

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    We always had a live tree growing up, often hunting in the woods for it ourselves (lots of fun memories!). Since being married we've had live, then we had fake for many years and the past few years we've had a real tree again. Our children prefer a real tree now. The fake tree served it's purpose when I had lots of little ones.
      I grew up going to the Xmas tree farm and getting a live tree. Wasn't until I had kids in LA and got a live tree and poor thing died within a week. A live tree too. Brown in days.
      So now. Sadly every year we pull our tree out of a box. Lol. Unfold it. Yuck. This year was particularly winter depressing as we had a year wave and decorated our tree in shorts and a tank top. So not Christmassy.
      Oh well. Lol.
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