Small Town all the way

I grew up in Los Angeles, big city of course. But I have lived in small town Montana for 10 years and there is no where else I'd rather raise my family. It feels safer, plus nearly every one knows every one else. It's a nice hometown feel that I want my children to know.

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    I grew up in SF and have lived in LA for 15 years. There's this wistful part of me that craves small town life; knowing the grocery guy, neighbors, picnics.
    For a year I lived in a small town in Northern California. With my kids and I was miserable. I felt bored and locked in and wanted more to do and see and people to meet and a bigger group of different types of people and races.
    I still imagine myself in a small town and have a great fondness for the idea of it all.
    I think when my kids go to college ill end up in one.
      I agree! My husband and I both grew up on dairy farms milking cows and while e it is a stressful way of life, it taught us so much about the value of hard work and family. I would love to give my kids the benefits of living that kind of life...slower pace. We used to live in a small country town but the city life is moving in more and more every year. I would love to live out west!
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