Blog Up: Big Sisters, Snot Bubbles and OCD

It's only my 2nd ever blog post. I'm a sahm and needed something to do for "me time" as I'm sure y'all can understand all too well! Please do this girl a favor and give it a read and let me know what you think! I need some encouragement, helpful critiquing, and honest opinions on whether it's something I should continue :o)…

    I love your tone and humor. And you have great grammar. Example "my sister is older than I".. Finally!!!! Yes. I'm not a grammar whore but my mom was and so... It's a thing

    It's so great your perspective while writing about your fibromyalgia without actually writing ABOUT it.. Love it. Keep going.

    My ONLY critique.. And one I've learned through many editors and being an editor is to watch your spacing. A space after your ... It after a period. One space after a period but then not two or three.

    Paragraphs. Make paragraphs. It's easier to read and less daunting to the eyes. Chunk it up. Use bold and italics to make a point. Etc.

    That's all visual for your reader and will make it look less newbie like.
    But I dig it.

    Thank you SO much for everything you said! I really appreciate it, more than you know. :o) I will definitely take your advice about the spacing and chunking. I know how to do all of that. Language Arts was one of my favorite topics. I've just gotten lazy at typing I guess. I've been on Facebook too long. Lol. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, even with the super-duper long paragraphs!
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