How are you silly with your kids?

I tell a great poop joke. I sing silly opera songs at random times. I don't hug, I squoosh them. I'm rarely serious. I show them how to find humor in themselves. I play the Wii with them for money. I shoot almonds out of my nose. If I pass gas, I blame the dog (we don't have a dog).

    I think I may just have to post a photo or two to show you! Lol. I may have to write a new blog post on that topic because so so so many things come to mind. By the way, thanks for the idea! ;o) I love that you tell a great poop joke! And singing opera songs? Girl, can you really sing or do you just pretend? Ha ha, either way I picture it makes me laugh. Lol. Too funny.
      Oh good post! I am silly with them we bump hips together and sing a silly song! Also if someone farts loud ... I say ... where's that duck and they reply in your butt (because sometimes a fart sounds like a duck... or at least we think so! LOL!
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