We don't celebrate christmas

I am muslim so we don't celebrate christmas but a lot of family does (orthodox christian, christmas falls in jan not december like a lot of) people and they use a fake tree every year :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    I was wondering the same thing not being familiar with your customs. I didn't know Orthodox Christians celebrated in January. Learn something new every day.
      our main holidays are ramadan which runs from july-aug the end of ramadan is a huge celebration called eid-al-fitr, we also have a holiday that falls around halloween (the holidays go off the middle eastern official calender so it does not always fall on the same day just around the same time of year) called eid-al-adha, and the islamic new year is in november.

      orthodox christianity that a lot of russian/slavs follow have christmas on Jan 7th (or around that date) but in most russian/slav countries new year is a much bigger holiday then christmas to them
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