infant congestion

What is the best way to help my lil guy breath? i have humidifier in the room and i use the nose sucker every day especially before bed...but he is still super congested and he gets soo upset what he cant eat or sleep :( any suggestions?

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    Sometimes it is good to sit in the bathroom and run the shower on hot so the steam can help clear the nasal passages!
    What is that and how do you do it??
      Leah... have you ever tried the Vapo bath... curious how it works and if it works on older children too! ???
      No Magen I have not tried that... what is it exactly?
        Thank you everyone for all the suggestions we are doing are best to keep this lil guys nose clear! Ive done the nose syringe, the steam from the shower, I have to give hime breathing treatments with the nebulizer cuz he has a bit of a cough, and I have a humidifier going... anything else? and what is the vicks vapo bath exactly and how do you use it??
          I think the vapo bath is just something you add to warm water that gives off a scent that helps with congestion... I have never used it but heard it works great!
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