baby and juice

if you decided to give juice to you baby, it's recommended to do so after 6 month of age, and only 100% juice. You can identify 100% juice by looking at the Nutrition facts panel on the box. Actually, juice is not a very healthy option for your baby. Juice should never ever be offered in a baby bottle. Juice in a bottle is a major cause of dental problems.

My personal experience: my son was drinking about 1 cup of juice every day til about 5 years old. Our dentist wasn't happy with his teeth at all, because every 6 months he got new cavities. After we stopped to offer a juice for him, for the last 5 years- no cavities. His dentist is very happy now!

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    8Theresa Gould
    We've given a small glass of 100% juice to our children from the time I start to wean them and none of them have issues with cavities.
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          8Theresa Gould
          We serve juice with breakfast. It's my preferred beverage at breakfast and my husband's so our children get it too.

          As a side note, most of my children have been weaned after the age of 18 months, on average it's been 2 years when the weaning began, sometimes older.
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