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so this morning my daughter was playing with the shower door I asked nicely to stop before she hurts her fingers she kept doing it and by the third time I yelled at her she started to cry I feel bad for yelling at her most of the time only way my kids will listen to me is when I yell I don't want to always do this I don't want them to think that I hate then or don't love them need advice ladies please

Epiffany endressAshtabula, Ohio
    Yelling is a part of parenthood I'm afraid. We are not perfect and kids can push us to the brink for sure.
    Before I get to yelling, the second time I ask I tell them straight out " I asked you to stop. Do not do it again or I will be mad. Do you hear me?"
    I Aleats ask them after I tell them something " do you understand me?" So that I know they understand I mean business. But I'm there in front of them. I go to them and discuss. I find I tell more if I'm telling them something from another room or across the hall.
      Epiffany endress
      thank you all for the advice I will be using that from now on
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