Sleeping With Baby In Bed

Sleeping with your baby in your bed can be dangerous due to the loose blankets and pillows and soft mattress could cause suffocation and increase risk of SIDS. most pediatricians do not recommend that you sleep with your baby in your bed, but rather 'co-cleep' with the baby in a bassinet, crib or pack n play in your room, or next to your bed. That is what we did and it worked well for us. I was too scared to have her in bed with me. There are still many folks out there who do let their babies sleep in their beds with them. It is a personal choice at the end of the day, just understand the risks.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Me too. The only time I was concerned was when I fall asleep nursing with baby in the middle of hubby and I because hubby just didn't have the same sleep cycle as I did. Now, he seems to wake up more for our two little boys but they sleep right up against him since I am on the outside to get up early.
      02/26/14 I always say.. to each their own! What I get confused about is the stats and what peds really recommend, I can find stats that say it decreases the risk of SIDS, and vice versa.. we already let Monroe sleep with us the first week.. it was just easier and it worked.. the past few nights we have done a nightly routine and plopped him in his bassinet close to us.. I feel like every Mom & Dad have the proper gut instincts for what works for them! :)
        I co-slept with both of my boys. My oldest because he was a preemie, and slept so much better on my chest, and my youngest because it was simpler to feed him in the night. That being said, it truly depends on how you sleep. If you are a hard sleeper or a restless sleeper, I would get one of the co-sleeping apparatuses. I am a very light sleeper and it worked well for me. In the end you have to decide how comfortable you are with co-sleeping. You can always get a bassinet and have it next to the bed if you simply want your baby close, I did that too lol. I hope this is helpful
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